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Patrick Walsh

Patrick Walsh

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I am Patrick Walsh, 55, and I am a person who knows everything about gambling, both online and offline. I was born in Ireland years ago and am a profound expert in online gambling. I admit that my life is a devotion to playing casino games; my first passion has always been the most iconic of them, roulette. At around the same time, I became an amateur poker player and participated in tournaments worldwide, from Ireland to Monaco to the United States to Macau. In the meantime, I spent three years as a dealer in a Las Vegas land-based casino; it did help me understand this business inside out. However, later I decided to return to my origins, enjoying various roulette and poker games as a player.

At some point in my gambling career, I finally turned my hobby into a job and finally started to make a living by playing poker. Years of devotion made me a real casino games professional. That was precisely the time, the early 2000s when the iGamblng industry was taking shape.

I immediately jumped there, becoming an online player and embracing this brave new world. That was another milestone of my career: after years of offline and online gambling, I decided to turn the page and share my experience as an online gambling expert with other players from around the world.

Now my website is a Mecca for those who want to know more about iGambling, from slots to roulettes, blackjack and poker.

Some say that I have become a trademark in online gambling, which may not be far from the truth considering the number of years of my experience. Throughout the years, I am still eager to deliver my expert opinion plain and straightforward to my audience from Europe to North America to Africa to Asia.

What is remarkable about my casino reviews is that I personally visit every gambling venue I write about, check out the websites and try various games there.

Regarding my reviews, it is not just the emotional part and screenshots to illustrate navigation. I try to go deep inside, explaining every little thing that can matter to both beginners and experienced online casino players. Having read my review, you will dig deep into the game’s core, from various slot machines to card games and table games.

You will also check out how to sign up and what the whole registration process is about. You will learn all about its welcome package and a choice of promotional offers.

Lastly, you will know what payment methods are available and if this online venue is legit.

Besides online casino reviews, I try to share my experience as a player with the audience by suggesting various gambling life hacks regarding plenty of aspects. For example, how to choose online slots with the highest RTP, what version of roulette is the most interesting in a casino, and so on. I would also say that I am generous in sharing insights that determine my ratings for online gambling venues that I monitor and evaluate.

Another great thing about my website is that I am not just an iGambling expert but an online casino newsmaker, too. This is not just about gambling spots’ reviews and my impressions. It is also about what’s new in the online gambling world, like what brands are opening and what game developers are releasing new slot machines.

If you wish to:

  • play casino, card, and table games successfully and responsibly,
  • become a poker expert in particular,
  • outsmart your opponents in live dealer games,
  • know the insights of online gambling,
  • enjoy playing at online venues in general

I dare to recommend you to look for my dedicated website, and its unique content, including my reviews and lifehacks. Let my experience be your guiding star in the world of online gambling!

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